Band Through the End of the Year and Beyond

Good afternoon!

Please see the information below (largely a description of events on the band calendar). The Band banquet RSVP Google Form is due next Friday, May 3rd, turn in $ before the event checks only made out to Key West High School (student free), the full guest list for you to verify will be emailed out Monday, May 6. Looking forward to

*Tuesdays, April 23 & 30, Wind Ensemble Rehearsal 3:00-4:30pm.

*Thursdays, April 25 & May 2: Symphonic Band Rehearsal 3:00-4:00pm. We will end before the late bus leaves.

*Thursday, April 25: Drum Line parade performance for

*Thursday, May 2nd 7:00pm Final Band Concert. Arrive fully dressed by 6:30pm. Please drop off individually wrapped baked goods by 6:00pm. Sign up to volunteer at:

*Friday, May 3rd-Sunday May 5th. Spring Band Trip. Updated itinerary will be sent directly to those attending. We do have room for one more Female student, please let me know if you are interested.

*Thursday, May 9th 6:00pm Band Banquet @KWHS. Awards and recognition will be held in the auditorium after dinner. Music/dancing in the band room after. More info on the Google Form: Band banquet RSVP Google Form

*Be on the look-out for a band photo shoot date during the weeks of May 9-19. We are still working on securing a photographer.

*Grades 9th-11th received a separate email about Leadership 2019-20:

*May 6th-10th 2019-20 Officer Interviews. Sign up on the band office door for a time.

*Tuesday, May 14th, 3:00-4:00pm Drum Major Auditions & Officer Elections.

*Monday, May 20th, 6:00pm Band Parent meeting-Selecting band parent board officers for the next year. Please email me if you would like to be considered for a position. They are listed in the KWHS Band Handbook on page 24/25. We will have several positions open including those that were not filled for this year, several key parent volunteers had their students graduate in the past couple of years/now. All help is greatly appreciated!

*Wednesday, May 22nd, 6:30pm Icebreaker. All returning members meet new members.

*May 30th Graduation rehearsal at TRMS (time TBD-usually early evening between 5-7:30pm).

*May 31st Graduation Performance. Report by 7:00pm.

*June 6th, Navy Change of Command Performance.

*KWHS Marching Band Camp July 28th (Leadership/Percussion/Colorguard) July 30 (everyone) through August 9th. Band Calendar

*You will receive an email soon with options for an out-of-state/international trip during spring break of 2020.

Other optional camps for all members: (Colorguard, Leadership, & Percussion) (UCF Flute Camps) (Leadership, Band, Etc.) (Stetson Summer Music Camps-instrumental) (University of Miami Music Camps) (Band camp at Florida Southern)

There are many others throughout the nation. Here is a music camp directory for the entire country:

Thank you for your help in making this year as wonderful as any other!

Gary Hernandez

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Conch Republic Parade: Drum Line April 25th

Good morning,

Please wear your red band shirt and grey shorts for the Conch Republic Parade on Thursday, April 25th. We will meet at 7:30pm at the First State Bank on Simonton Street (downtown). The parade starts at 8:00pm, we should be finished by 8:30pm. We will need an approved driver to drive our equipment vehicle to the end of the parade route, please let me know if you can help us out.


Gary Hernandez

Drum Line Performance 2:00pm Sunday, April 14th

Good morning,

We will perform at 2:00pm on Sunday, April 14th at the Southernmost House (1400 Duval St.) for the Willie Wonka Chocolate Festival benefiting the Cancer Foundations of the Florida Keys. Please arrive by 1:30pm at the short bus, which will be parked a few blocks away at First State Bank 1201 Simonton St. wearing your RED band shirt and grey shorts. The short bus will be loaded on Friday at the end of class with all the equipment.

Looking forward to it,

Gary Hernandez

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Regular email has been shut down by the district for regular address:

Band Banquet Reservation Form 2019-All Students must complete

Good afternoon,

Please complete the Band Banquet Reservation Form:

*All Students FREE, $10 per additional guest. Thursday, May 9th, dinner at 6:00pm in the KWHS Cafeteria. Awards ceremony to follow dinner in the Auditorium-approximately 7:30pm. Students who have met their Fair Share of Fundraising will receive 1 free guest ticket. A positive Charms Balance may be used to pay for guests etc. Please send in a check for the total number guests + student, check made payable to "Key West High School" memo line: Band 2010000-Student Name-Banquet. All students must complete this form for planning purposes by May 3rd. The food will be a buffet of Publix food: various sandwiches, chicken (fried & tenders), salads, fruit, deli platters, and deserts. Be sure to click SUBMIT.

Looking forward to it!

Gary Hernandez

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2019-2020 Band Student Leadership Info

Good afternoon,

Please see the info below from the band handbook about band leadership requirements and selection for next year. We will have interviews May 6th through 10th and will have elections and drum major auditions on Tuesday May 14th after school from 3:00-5:00pm. Please sign up for an interview time on the band office door, no application needed.

All positions will be required to give a brief speech, less than 45 seconds. See below the signature for info about all leadership positions.

*Drum major audition:

Conduct this piece with appropriate cues, patterns and dynamic contrast:

Be prepared to call attention and parade rest.

Thank you!

Gary Hernandez

Director of Bands

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Leadership Info:

*All Band Members are LEADERS in making good choices within their lives, in band, on campus throughout the school day and in our community.*

Student leadership is the most vital part of a successful band program. What we do can only be done well if we have everyone onboard with our shared aspirations and goals. Always do your best and never have any regrets. Your actions today sow the seeds of our future leaders; we are all connected throughout the history of our band program. Never underestimate the power of your words and actions. Your service to the band will benefit you for years to come with the leadership experience gained.

The following are expectations, eligibility requirements, responsibilities and descriptions of the leadership positions:

Expectations of All Positions

  • Serve as model band student in all aspects of performance and attitude.
  • Promote Band spirit and morale whenever and wherever possible.
  • Maintain a constant sense of service to the band program.
  • Be prepared to assist with teaching marching and music skills throughout the year.
  • Help to maintain discipline (appropriate behavioral choices) within the band.
  • Arrive at rehearsals and performances prior to all other members of the band to help set up and remain after until all work is completed.
  • Attend all band officer meetings.
  • Act as a liaison between the director and students.

Requirements to be an Officer

***Grades will be checked at the end of the semester. You may be removed from your officer position if you fail to meet these requirements.***

Students must:

  • Have and maintain an un-weighted 2.5 GPA or greater with no failures in any class for the past academic year (semester).
  • Have, no or pending, disciplinary action at KWHS for the past academic year.
  • Attend all officer leadership camps, regular band camps and rehearsals with no unexcused absences.
  • Be willing and able to serve for the entire upcoming school year.

Failure to meet or maintain any of these requirements will result in ineligibility and/or removal from the position.

Responsibilities and Descriptions

Band Captain-President (1)

  • Is the foremost student leader of the band who leads through example at all times.
  • May run rehearsals at the behest of the bandmaster.
  • Oversees and assesses the duties and functions of all officers and proactively assures that all responsibilities are being carried out.
  • May break rank only when necessary to carry out duties.
  • First to enter the field,and the last to leave it.
  • Schedules and presides over band officer meetings.
  • Reports daily to the bandmaster concerning the morale of the band.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

Drum Major-Marching Band Conductor (1)

  • Conductor for all marching band rehearsals & performances.
  • Responsibilities include memorization of all scores exhibited musically with a discernible conducting pattern that maintains a steady pulse.
  • Functions as the morale leader of the band at all rehearsals and performances encouraging all members to constantly perform at their best.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Drum Major Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

Assistant Drum Major (As needed)

  • Same as Drum Major.
  • May be a regular performing member and function as a field conductor as needed.
  • Coordinates all public relations with the band director, parents, community and the school at large.
  • Other duties as assigned by the band director.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Drum Major Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

1st LIEUTENANT-Personnel Manager (1)

  • In charge taking attendance at all outside of school rehearsals and performances.
  • Oversees section leaders, assists the director in supervising sectionals, and assesses their teaching.
  • Responsible for stage setup for all concerts.
  • Assumes the role of band captain in his/her absence.
  • Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

2nd LIEUTENANT-Equipment Manager (1)

  • Coordinates all equipment transport with section leaders, parents & director.

· Responsible for instrument check-out/check-in.

· Responsible for the care and maintenance of instruments.

· Assists 1st Lieutenant with stage setup.

Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

Section Leaders-Teachers (Assistant Section Leaders as needed)

  • Must be model band students and know their music, marching, and be able to conduct sectionals.
  • Assist individual members within their sections with all aspects of band.
  • Assist the Band Director during inspections.
  • Color Guard Captain – Mandatory attendance at a Leadership/Flag Camp.
  • Section Leaders – Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

Chief Quartermaster-All Rehearsal Facilities Manager (1)

· Duties include making sure band members keep all rehearsal facilities clean and organized.

· Oversees/aids the quartermasters.

· Bus 1 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Locker Room Facilities Manager (1)

  • Duties include checking out/in lockers and locks.
  • Responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness of the locker room facilities. The locker room floor must be clear of all items at all times & all personal items found will be placed in lost & found and must be claimed by Friday of that school week before being discarded.
  • Must conduct random lock checks to ensure security of personal and band-owned equipment.
  • Bus 2 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Concert & Marching Uniform Manager (1-3)

  • Duties include fitting, repairing, organizing and collecting uniforms for cleaning.
  • Responsible for communicating the correct way to care for and wear the uniform.
  • Responsible for communicating the uniform needs of the band to the director.
  • Must be prepared to fix uniforms at all times (sewing kits, extra buttons, etc.).
  • Will maintain a list of uniform infractions at all inspections.
  • Bus 3 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Special Effects & Props Coordinator (Marching & Concert) (1)

  • Duties include designing, building, coordinating and securing materials for props or special effects to enhance the theatrical effect of the performance area for all band performances.
  • Recruit a team of band member volunteers to assist with duties.

Quartermaster-Technology Manager (1-2)

  • In charge of audio and video recording for all marching and concert band performances and classes requested by band director.
  • Responsible for basic editing, mastering, and transfer of audio and video files to band server/hard drive.
  • Setting up of long ranger for rehearsals/games.
  • Updates the Director with new ways to incorporate technology.

Librarians-Current Year (Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band) (3)

  • In charge of all activities related to the band sheet music and music library.
  • Duties include distributing, collecting, organizing, copying, documenting and filing music.
  • Librarian must communicate to the Band Director the sheet music needs of the band.
  • Must be assigned as a student assistant in addition to a regular band class.

Librarians-Restoration (1-2)

· In charge of restoring order to all pieces not currently in use.

· Duties include organizing, score ordering, attaining missing parts, cataloguing and filing music.

· Must be assigned as a student assistant in addition to a regular band class.

Historian (1-2)

· In charge of documenting (taking pictures and video) of every band event for the entire year.

· Prepares a photo video for the Band Banquet.

· Create a digital archive of all band historical documents for the current year and previous years.

I am responsible for my behavior and the results of

that behavior.

I am responsible for what I become in life.

Life does not accept excuses.

I will not let my need to be accepted by others keep

me from doing what is right.

I am somebody.

Losers let it happen, winners make it happen.

Therefore, when faced with a mountain,

I will not quit.

I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a

pass through, tunnel underneath, or simply stay and

turn the mountain into a gold mine…

I will do my best. I know I can. I am a winner.

I am somebody.

I am an integral part of the

Key West High School Band.

Concert MPA Information

Good evening,

Much of the info below is the same as was sent out in January with a few more details added. Still need some help with running the concession/feeding the KWHS band and student/parent help with setting up the stage for each band. We have made tremendous progress in the last week, looking forward to great performances!

*Friday, March 1st
MPA run-through 3-4:00pm in Auditorium, Symphonic Band followed by Wind Ensemble. Symphonic band will be finished by 3:30 and Wind Ens by 4:00pm. HOB will also be joining us.

*Saturday, March 2nd KWHS Hosting Concert MPA. Symphonic band reports at 12:00pm, performs at 1:00pm-finished by 2:00pm. Wind Ensemble reports at 2:15pm and performs at 3:00pm-finished by 4:00pm. Pizza for both bands at 2:00pm for those who would like some. We will be running a concession stand and will also need student crews to work the sight-reading room, to be band guides, and to set the stage for each of the bands performing (our two plus three visiting). Parent & Student help needed:


Gary Hernandez

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Key West High School Band
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Key West, FL 33040

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Performance on Saturday 2-23-19

Good afternoon,

The Jazz Band Brass Ensemble and Drum Line will perform for the Mystic Krewe’s Mardi Gras Ball at the Amphitheater on Saturday, February 23rd.  Please arrive via your own transportation, dressed in your red band shirt, grey shorts, white socks and White shoes to then change into your Marching Uniform (you must load this on the bus/rack).  Leave ample walk time to come to the back side of the amphitheater from the parking areas.  The short bus will be loaded on Friday with all the equipment needed.
8:15 PM-Arrive/unload/Get Dressed at Amphitheater
8:25 PM Pizza
c. 8:50 PM-Drum Line Performs
c. 9:00 PM-Brass Ensemble Performs
9:10 PM-All finished, load truck & leave.
Google Map of Location: