FSU Summer Camps: Final Reminders Before Registration Starts!

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Registration Reminders | Summer 2019
It’s Almost Time!
December is an exciting time at the FSU College of Music; it’s the end of the Fall Semester, there are lots of exciting holiday concerts, and the start of our 2019 season is just around the corner. We can’t wait for the New Year to start, and we hope that you will be joining us this summer. Registration opens on January 7th at 8:00am, and discount deadlines will come up quickly! We’ve packed a lot of information into this email to help get the camp season kicked off!

We can’t wait to see you this summer. But until then, we wish you Happy Holidays and hope that the season is filled with health, happiness and lots of music!

Our 2019 Brochure!
Our 2019 Brochure is now available to view online or you can request a printed copy. If you are an educator, and would like multiple copies of the brochure sent to your class, please send us an email request with your name, address, and the number of copies you would like us to send to musiccamps
View The Brochure Online Now!
With 14 camps to choose from,

there is definitely a camp for you at FSU!

Our Band Camps offer a comprehensive music experience focused on developing the whole player. The one-week Middle School Band Camp provides a non-competitive but challenging environment where campers of all ability levels can learn and perform. The two-week Senior High Band Camp provides a more intensive experience built around developing technique and musicianship.
Learn More About Band Camp for Senior High
Learn More About Band Camp for Middle School
Our Choral Ensemble Camp provides singers with a variety of ensemble experiences and performance opportunities. All students will study in a large mixed choir, a women’s or men’s choir, and a small ensemble. Along with a variety of other daily classes and optional audition opportunities, this schedule is designed to provide ensemble experience with personal attention and technical training.
Learn More About Choral Camp
At the Double Bass Workshop, campers will work alongside FSU faculty bass instructor, Melanie Punter, and other accomplished bass instructors, to study solo and ensemble literature, work on developing proper tone production, and practice proper playing techniques. This camp runs consecutively to the String Orchestra Camp so that students can pair the two experiences together.
Learn More About Double Bass Workshop
The Elementary Music Day Camp brings all of the experience and excitement of our camps to beginning musicians and is designed to help children develop a life-long love of music. Campers will sing, play instruments, move to music, create music, and even learn the basics of reading and writing music. Campers will also experience music and instruments from around the world.
Learn More About Elementary Camp
Whether you have been playing guitar for six months or six years, our Guitar Workshop will provide significant exposure to new techniques, styles, and musicianship skills. Campers will practice and play in "guitar orchestra" ensemble experiences, as well as take masterclasses, music theory, and chord studies. From classical guitar to funk, to compositions of your own, there is something for all guitarists at this workshop.
Learn More About Guitar Workshop
The Honors Chamber Winds Ensemble provides a unique opportunity for fifteen musicians who seek an exceptional summer experience. Two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two trumpets, one trombone, one tuba, and three horns are selected by audition to work on a collegiate level with FSU faculty members. All selected students will be given a full tuition scholarship – a value of over $490.00!
Learn More About Chamber Winds
Our Jazz Ensemble Camps are designed to introduce campers to the foundations of jazz music and jazz performance. At the middle school camp, students will play and perform in one of three big bands, and will take classes in improvisation, jazz appreciation, sectionals, and master classes. The senior high camp takes jazz instruction to the next level by providing students the opportunity to play and perform in a big band as well as with a small combo.
Learn More About Middle School Jazz
Learn More About Senior High Jazz
Our Marching Band Leadership and Color Guard Camp is focused on building exceptional team leaders through comprehensive music and leadership instruction. This unique experience is designed for high school students who are involved (or want to be involved) in the leadership of their marching band. It is ideal for all drum majors, section leaders, band captains, and color guard (flags and rifles only).
Learn More About Leadership Camp
Our Piano Camp provides comprehensive instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players with no audition required. The overall instructional focus of this one-week camp is developing good technique and learning overall musicianship for all ages. This camp also allows for students to practice and play non-classical music genres such as original compositions, movie scores, and popular music.
Learn More About Piano Camp
The Piano Institute provides comprehensive instruction for advanced players who are looking to continue their keyboard studies into their college years. Students receive lessons from FSU Faculty members, and take classes in music theory, piano literature, masterclasses, studio classes, and have daily practice time.
Learn More About The Piano Institute
At the String Orchestra Camp, students will play in one of three string orchestras in the morning and one of three orchestras in the afternoon. In addition, campers will attend sectionals, take music theory, play in small chamber ensembles, participate in masterclasses, and have supervised practice time.
Learn More About Orchestra Camp
At the Tuba and Euphonium Workshop, campers will work alongside FSU faculty instructor, Dr. Justin Benavidez, and other accomplished instructors to study solo and ensemble literature, work on developing proper tone production, technique development, how to practice for maximum effectiveness and how to prepare for an audition.
Learn More About Tuba Euphonium Workshop
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Don’t Miss Out Because You Missed A Deadline!

January 7 – Registration Opens at 8:00am

February 18 – Ability Discount Deadline

March 3 – All State and Other Discounts Deadline

Need a quick sheet of all of our dates and deadlines for 2019? Click on the picture for a PDF that you can print.

Where Can The Music Camps Take You?
Being A Part of A Legacy

78 Summers

We recently had a chance to sit down with Patricia Kickliter about her time at the FSU Summer Music Camps during the 1950’s. Ms. Kickliter is a continuous supporter of the FSU College of Music, and a long-time member of the University Musical Associates.
Our camp alumni are an accomplished and diverse group of musicians. Some have chosen to pursue a career in music, and some have gone on to work in other fields. But all of our alumni share a love of their time at FSU.

Are you a camp alumnus? Help us build our database of stories and memories by sharing yours!

Fill Out Our Alumni Survey
Visit Our Alumni Page

When did you attend summer camps?

I was a camper in the early 1950’s, and then I worked as a camp counselor from 1952-1954. I was the girls’ counselor and was in charge of 150 girls.

Which camp did you attend? Which instrument did you play?

Back then there was only one camp, the band camp, and it ran for 6 weeks. They offered two concert bands to play in, the Garnet Band and the Gold Band. I was always chosen for the top band, mainly because I was the only one who played the alto and bass clarinet! The camps finally expanded to have some choral components, but it remained largely as a band camp.

What kind of relationship did you have with the instructors?

Back then the instructors were the deans and professors of the College of Music. They were wonderful to work with and really knew their stuff. Off the podiums they were fantastic friends.

What’s your favorite memory from camp?

There were so many wonderful memories from camp; from having watermelon picnics with my fellow campers to attending dances on the weekends. I think my favorite memory would be performing at the FSU summer graduation. There were only a select few who were asked to play, and we always felt very honored and proud.

Did you have much time to make new friends? If so, do you keep in touch with any of them?

When you spend 6 weeks with fellow musicians, you’re bound to make friends. Things were different then. There wasn’t this sense of competition like there is now. We went for the comradery. I kept up with many of my fellow campers long after camps were over.

How did summer music camps impact your musical ability and skills?

I was given so many opportunities to perform both as a soloist and with an ensemble. The directors were really tough on us, but they made us better musicians because of it. This love for music eventually led me to a career in music, teaching for many years in the Leon County school system.

Do you still keep up your musical training?

I lead a choir of about 40 people. We usually do a Christmas program, some classical pieces, and some musical theater pieces in the spring.

What kind of connection, if any, do you still have to the FSU College of Music?

I attend as many concerts as I’m able to, and I love to host musicians from FSU and around Tallahassee. I also served on the University Musical Associates board and have served as President of the board in the past.

What advice would you give to future/new campers?

Just do it. You won’t regret it.

-Interview By Matthew Winburn

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FSU Summer Music Camps | 122 N. Copeland Street, PO Box 3061180, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1180
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New Marching Band Uniform Selection for 2019

Good afternoon,

On Monday, December 3rd, we will be one step closer to realizing new marching band uniforms for the 2019-2020 school year to replace our now 18-year-old uniforms with the Bid Opening taking place at the school district office at 2:00 pm. This is a public event. https://fl02202360.schoolwires.net/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=7670&dataid=20877&FileName=RFP%202019908%20Key%20West%20High%20School%20Band%20Uniforms.pdf

I will share with you the outcome of this selection process as soon as I can.

Gary Hernandez

Director of Bands

Upcoming Events/Concerts/Solo & Ensemble

Good morning,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! We have our final parade on Saturday, Dec. 8th, and our concerts are quickly approaching. *We will need a driver for the equipment vehicle from the parade starting location to the end location, and will need bottles of water iced down for every parade on the day before. Please see the info below, largely reminders with a few updated points of detail with volunteer signup links.


Please share our Online Donation Link via social media, we have not had a donation come in for a couple of weeks now. These donations can be credited to specific student Charms fundraising ledgers, keep this in mind for future trip costs and of course with each student’s fair share of fundraising and personal uniform item fees (shoes etc.): https://www.schoolpay.com/link/kwhsbanddonation

November 29th (Thursday)

*Symphony Concert held at KWHS again: Free tickets for students only, as of this email, use the Google link here if you have not already reserved/printed your tickets: https://goo.gl/forms/5Fatj99V0aCMRKnM2

December 4th

*Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Colorguard Rehearsals 3:00-4:45pm (includes percussion). Colorguard will rehearse from 2:40-5:00pm to finish learning choreography.

December 8nd (Saturday)

*City Holiday Parade: Report by 6:15pm to the Bayview Park basketball court https://goo.gl/maps/HAV4ytNffNG2 Students will need to wear their RED band shirt, band issued grey shorts, white socks, and appropriate closed toe shoes. If the weather is cold, please wear another shirt or light sweater underneath your band shirt. You may decorate yourself and your instrument within reason (you must still be able to march and play at the same time). Step off is at 7:00pm, we should be near 5th in the parade again this year. Please be on time with your instrument and music as we will rehearse starting in the parade block right at 6:15pm, do not be late as we will move to our step-off location at 6:30pm. We will load the equipment vehicle on Friday for Sousaphones and percussion and unload on Monday. Please be make arrangements to take your instrument & FLIP FOLDER home on Friday. Chaperones, please wear your red shirts as well, sign up via to walk with us: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=3333523

December 11th

*Full Band Program Rehearsal 3:00-4:45pm with Choir. (Colorguard will start in the band room at 2:40). We will start with Act 2 mass concert band comprised of Wind ens, Sym Band, and Percussion. We will finish the rehearsal with Act 1 that includes Colorguard, Percussion, & Jazz band. Dismissal will be staggered according performance order etc.

December 12th and 13th

*Combined Winter Concerts: Call time for both concerts is 6:30pm, be seated in uniform by 6:45 if you are not performing in the first half. Sym Band and Wind Ens do not need instruments until after intermission. We will need donations of baked goods and sodas for Thursday’s concert, please drop baked goods off by 6:30pm and sodas to the band room beforehand if possible. We have had as many as 800+ attend this concert night in the past, spread the word. The Choir parents run the concession on Wed., Band parents on Thursday (Dec. 13 only) please sign up: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=1587985

January 13th (Start of their season)

*Impromptu Concerts are FREE for students. You can read about concerts put on by Impromptu here: http://www.keywestimpromptu.org/concerts/season/2019-season

***Solo & Ensemble on Saturday, February 9th (Prepare Now!):

• This is an exceptional opportunity to grow as a musician and show off your talent on your instrument in a small ensemble setting or with a solo with piano accompaniment. The musical growth gained by preparing a solo at a high level can advance a student 1-2 years in terms of ability level in a matter of two months as compared to those who do not participate. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GO FOR IT regardless of their perceived ability level!

• All Colorguard students will be required to prepare a solo, music will be selected with Mr. Hernandez. This event is held the same day at Key West High School. This is in addition to the Winter Guard show (ensemble).

• Solo and Ensemble is a Florida Bandmasters Association music assessment event held at KWHS that is adjudicated by an individual FBA judge.

• ALL students are encouraged to participate; it is required of juniors & seniors to receive honors credit (raises weighted GPA etc.). Any student interested in a leadership position for the next school year must participate. Away from the Lower Keys most middle school students have 2-3 years of experience participating in this event-many of our 9th graders participated in this for the first time last year. All 9th-10th graders are absolutely encouraged to participate, selecting a grade 3 would be appropriate unless taking private lessons.

• Music must be selected off of the FBA Solo & Ensemble list, click this link: http://fba.flmusiced.org/media/1659/soloensemblemasterlistdec2015-2018.xlsx

· NO, you may not play a piece of music that you have played before for S&E another year.

• Music should be ordered now to begin working on it in the next three weeks. Some sheet music vendors: www.jwpepper.com & www.hickeys.com Make sure that the composer/arranger/edition/publisher* are the same as the one on the FBA list before you complete your order. Please NUMBER all measures and parts of YOUR MUSIC, this ORIGINAL is to be given to the adjudicator to read from and verifies that the piece is owned by you or the band for Copyright purposes. If your piece is “backordered”, cancel the order and find another piece or go to another vendor (company) that has it “in stock”. Do not sign up to play a piece of music that you do not have in your hands, every year we have a few students fail because of this, there are hundreds of options. The band program owns a several solos for each instrument; however, they may not be complete and you should make sure that we also have the piano part. This band owned music is setup in the room like a book fair, please put it back in the same correct place after you make a copy, do not take the original.

• The grading system (difficulty level of each piece) is from 1-7, high school students must play a level 3 or higher.

• 9th-10th graders should be at a level 3, 11th-12th 4 or higher. If you wish to advance to the state level you must receive a superior rating at district while playing a 5 or higher. It is not recommended that you play anything higher than a 5 unless you are taking private lessons on your instrument. Students may play in both a solo and ensemble entry but should not do more than two.

· As of 2016: No ensemble will be approved without auditioning first for Mr. Hernandez. If the group fails to pass this audition, you will have to play a solo as required.

• Students will receive a medal signifying their accomplishment if they receive a superior rating.

• Most solos require a piano accompaniment. Students may use SmartMusic (a computer program) or use one of the band provided accompanists. You will need to check to see if your piece of music is in SmartMusic before purchasing/committing to it. Go to http://www.smartmusic.com/FindMusic/Contest.aspx

• You will need to sign up by December 20th with Mr. Hernandez. There is a fee to be judged and the band program covers this as long as you attend the event etc.

• You will need to let Mr. Hernandez know the piece title, accompanist (only if you are not using the school provided accompanist), and other persons in the ensemble by December 20th using this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/jRUr5EqGuWTNUMqP2

Thank you,

Gary Hernandez

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Band this Week-Navy Band!

Good afternoon,

Thank you all for helping put on a great fall concert and Veteran’s Day parade! Our next big event is tomorrow night, with the Navy’s Commodores. Please read through the info below:

Tuesday, Nov. 13

*Colorguard rehearsals continue on Tuesdays from 2:45-4:00pm. Our instructor Miss Ashlhea is only with us one day per week.

Wednesday, Nov. 14th

*Navy Commodore’s Jazz Ensemble, 7:30pm. We are hosting this phenomenal jazz band. KWHS Jazz Band students are invited to eat dinner with the band at 6:00pm. All students are expected to attend and tickets will be handed out the day of, please let your student know if you would like free tickets for your family/friends, we have about 150 left. We still need several students/parents to help run the concession stand and be ushers for this concert-we will NOT be accepting donations at the door. **Every concert is a bake sale, please send in individually wrapped items that would sell for $1etc. Please visit the sign-up page on Charms (We need several volunteers, this is tomorrow): https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=4532643

Saturday, Nov. 17

*Florida Marching Band Championships will be showing live in the band room from 8:00am until 4:00pm. http://fmbcstate.com/championships/ This may continue for Finals Performance after the Percussion performance c. 7:30pm.

Saturday, Nov. 17

*Drum line performance. Please wear your red band shirt and grey shorts. Meet in the band room between 4:15-4:30 to load the bus. We will return after having dinner, time TBD.


Gary Hernandez

Band CalendarWebsiteAnnouncement BlogRemind101 Txts

*No Door to Door Collections-Please respond

*Please respond immediately if you know who this person may be.*

-Sunday night after dark, November 4th, there is a report of a high school aged male going door to door in Key West on Seidenberg collecting money for the KWHS Band.

We do not condone door-to-door collection of money and this was reported as being suspicious. Please let me know immediately if you know who this person may be and if they are a member of the band.

If you are seeking sponsorships, please do so from businesses or neighbors that you know. All sponsorships donations must be collected as a Check made out to "Key West High School". These measures help keep everyone safe and prevent fraud.

Thank you,

Gary Hernandez

Help still needed for tomorrow’s Game Fundraisers

Still need some help for the extra fundraisers we are doing this week, we want to avoid having to pull students from performing in the stands to fill these spots. Please see below. Thanks!

***Concession Stand Fundraiser This Week***

We will need additional volunteers for this evening

-Icing down of drinks at 2:30 directly afterschool in the band room

-Please bring in Home Baked goods in individually wrapped packages to be sold for a dollar to the far end concession stand at 6:00 to 7:00 pm. If unable to, please send in with student to the band room in a sealed container on Friday before 2:30pm.

-We can also use donations of Pepsi products and water to sell at this game and our concert next week.

** At this time would like to Thank Everyone for their support in making our students program a success!

DIRECT LINK: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=1587952