KWHS Band Through End of Year+

Hope you have had a good spring break!

Congratulations to everyone who performed for Solo MPA! A huge feat to pull off in the current paradigm, we will continue to reflect on the work done to continue our musical growth. Please see the information below (largely a description of events on the band calendar), it includes some recent changes, summer opportunities, band camp info, and next year’s calendar. With many students returning full time to campus this coming week we are ready in the band room to accept all students with 45 chairs set up to continue with 6’ distancing, we are lucky to have the room to do so which will allow at least our classes to NOT be subject to quarantining students in situations under 6’ seated next to a positive Covid-19 case. We will now be combining our Awards Ceremony with our Final Concert on May 6th in the courtyard. Have a look at next year’s calendar, you will see all dates for events that will likely be possible in 2021-2022. For those of you who were new to the KWHS Band this year, you will see there at least 14 major events that did not take place this year that we will be able to do at least in some capacity in the future, we have barely scratched the surface for what high school band is…

Upcoming Dates:

*Wind Ensemble weekly Tuesday rehearsals begin this week March 30th through May 4th from 2:45-4:15pm. (Percussion according to piece/part assignments).

*Symphonic Band weekly Thursday rehearsals begin next week April 8th through May 6th from 2:45-4:15pm. (Percussion according to piece/part assignments).

*Colorguard will continue Thursday Rehearsals through May 6th. We will also have a tryout night later this spring, more info to come.

*Concert MPA Recordings will be completed during the above rehearsals, Wind Ensemble April 13 & Symphonic Band: April 15.

*Thursday, May 6th 7:00pm Final Band Concert & Awards Ceremony.

*Be on the look-out for individual photo shoot dates in May so that we may have a composite photo for this year. We are still working on securing a photographer.

*Grades 9th-11th see below about Leadership 2021-22: May 10th-12th Officer Interviews. Sign up on the band office door for a time. Drum Major Auditions & Officer Elections held on Tuesday, May 18th from 2:45-4:00pm.

*Monday, May 17th, 6:00pm Band Parent meeting-Selecting band parent board officers for the next year. Please email me if you would like to be considered for a position. They are listed in the KWHS Band Handbook on page 24/25. We will have several positions open including those that were not filled for this year, several key parent volunteers had their students graduate in the past couple of years/now. All help is greatly appreciated! ***We need everyone to step-up this coming year to provide our students the best possible experience.***

*Wednesday, May 19, 6:30pm Icebreaker. All returning members meet new members.

*May 27th Graduation rehearsal (time TBD-usually early evening between 5-7:30pm). More specific info to follow.

*May 28th Graduation Performance. Report by 6:00pm.

*Summer School: two sessions will be offered this year, be aware of opportunities announced soon. At a minimum, you will be able to complete your HOPE course (two weeks for band students rather than four).

*KWHS Marching Band Camp: July 26th Leadership, July 27th Percussion/Colorguard start, and July 28 (everyone) weekdays through August 6th. We will begin camp in the afternoon through evening the 1st week and mornings/afternoons the 2nd week to accommodate summer school: Band Calendar

Other optional camps for all members: (Colorguard, Leadership, & Percussion) (UCF Camps) (Leadership, Band, Etc.) (Stetson Summer Music Camps-instrumental) (University of Miami Music Camps) (Band camp at Florida Southern)

There are many others throughout the nation. Here is a music camp directory for the entire country:

2021-2022 Band Student Leadership Info

Please see the info below from the band handbook about band leadership requirements and selection for next year. We will have interviews May 10th through 12th and will have elections and drum major auditions on Tuesday May 18th after school from 2:45-4:00pm. Please sign up for an interview time on the band office door, no application needed.

All positions will be required to give a brief speech, less than 45 seconds. See below the signature for info about all leadership positions.

*Drum major audition:

Conduct this piece with appropriate cues, patterns and dynamic contrast: .

Be prepared to call attention and parade rest.

Thank you!

Gary Hernandez

Director of Bands

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Leadership Info:

*All Band Members are LEADERS in making good choices within their lives, in band, on campus throughout the school day and in our community.*

Student leadership is the most vital part of a successful band program. What we do can only be done well if we have everyone onboard with our shared aspirations and goals. Always do your best and never have any regrets. Your actions today sow the seeds of our future leaders; we are all connected throughout the history of our band program. Never underestimate the power of your words and actions. Your service to the band will benefit you for years to come with the leadership experience gained.

The following are expectations, eligibility requirements, responsibilities and descriptions of the leadership positions:

Expectations of All Positions

  • Serve as model band student in all aspects of performance and attitude.
  • Promote Band spirit and morale whenever and wherever possible.
  • Maintain a constant sense of service to the band program.
  • Be prepared to assist with teaching marching and music skills throughout the year.
  • Help to maintain discipline (appropriate behavioral choices) within the band.
  • Arrive at rehearsals and performances prior to all other members of the band to help set up and remain after until all work is completed.
  • Attend all band officer meetings.
  • Act as a liaison between the director and students.

Requirements to be an Officer

***Grades will be checked at the end of the semester. You may be removed from your officer position if you fail to meet these requirements.***

Students must:

  • Have and maintain an un-weighted 2.5 GPA or greater with no failures in any class for the past academic year (semester).
  • Have, no or pending, disciplinary action at KWHS for the past academic year.
  • Attend all officer leadership camps, regular band camps and rehearsals with no unexcused absences.
  • Be willing and able to serve for the entire upcoming school year.

Failure to meet or maintain any of these requirements will result in ineligibility and/or removal from the position.

Responsibilities and Descriptions

Band Captain-President (1)

  • Is the foremost student leader of the band who leads through example at all times.
  • May run rehearsals at the behest of the bandmaster.
  • Oversees and assesses the duties and functions of all officers and proactively assures that all responsibilities are being carried out.
  • May break rank only when necessary to carry out duties.
  • First to enter the field,and the last to leave it.
  • Schedules and presides over band officer meetings.
  • Reports daily to the bandmaster concerning the morale of the band.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

Drum Major-Marching Band Conductor (1)

  • Conductor for all marching band rehearsals & performances.
  • Responsibilities include memorization of all scores exhibited musically with a discernible conducting pattern that maintains a steady pulse.
  • Functions as the morale leader of the band at all rehearsals and performances encouraging all members to constantly perform at their best.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Drum Major Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

Assistant Drum Major (As needed)

  • Same as Drum Major.
  • May be a regular performing member and function as a field conductor as needed.
  • Coordinates all public relations with the band director, parents, community and the school at large.
  • Other duties as assigned by the band director.
  • Mandatory attendance at a Music/Drum Major Camp.
  • May not miss rehearsals or performances for optional school related activities.

1st LIEUTENANT-Personnel Manager (1)

  • In charge taking attendance at all outside of school rehearsals and performances.
  • Oversees section leaders, assists the director in supervising sectionals, and assesses their teaching.
  • Responsible for stage setup for all concerts.
  • Assumes the role of band captain in his/her absence.
  • Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

2nd LIEUTENANT-Equipment Manager (1)

  • Coordinates all equipment transport with section leaders, parents & director.

· Responsible for instrument check-out/check-in.

· Responsible for the care and maintenance of instruments.

· Assists 1st Lieutenant with stage setup.

Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

Section Leaders-Teachers (Assistant Section Leaders as needed)

  • Must be model band students and know their music, marching, and be able to conduct sectionals.
  • Assist individual members within their sections with all aspects of band.
  • Assist the Band Director during inspections.
  • Color Guard Captain – Mandatory attendance at a Leadership/Flag Camp.
  • Section Leaders – Strongly suggested attendance at a Music/Leadership Camp.

Chief Quartermaster-All Rehearsal Facilities Manager (1)

· Duties include making sure band members keep all rehearsal facilities clean and organized.

· Oversees/aids the quartermasters.

· Bus 1 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Locker Room Facilities Manager (1)

  • Duties include checking out/in lockers and locks.
  • Responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness of the locker room facilities. The locker room floor must be clear of all items at all times & all personal items found will be placed in lost & found and must be claimed by Friday of that school week before being discarded.
  • Must conduct random lock checks to ensure security of personal and band-owned equipment.
  • Bus 2 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Concert & Marching Uniform Manager (1-3)

  • Duties include fitting, repairing, organizing and collecting uniforms for cleaning.
  • Responsible for communicating the correct way to care for and wear the uniform.
  • Responsible for communicating the uniform needs of the band to the director.
  • Must be prepared to fix uniforms at all times (sewing kits, extra buttons, etc.).
  • Will maintain a list of uniform infractions at all inspections.
  • Bus 3 Captain for all band trips responsible for seating charts and bus cleanliness.

Quartermaster-Special Effects & Props Coordinator (Marching & Concert) (1)

  • Duties include designing, building, coordinating and securing materials for props or special effects to enhance the theatrical effect of the performance area for all band performances.
  • Recruit a team of band member volunteers to assist with duties.

Quartermaster-Technology Manager (1-2)

  • In charge of audio and video recording for all marching and concert band performances and classes requested by band director.
  • Responsible for basic editing, mastering, and transfer of audio and video files to band server/hard drive.
  • Setting up of long ranger for rehearsals/games.
  • Updates the Director with new ways to incorporate technology.

Librarians-Current Year (Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band) (3)

  • In charge of all activities related to the band sheet music and music library.
  • Duties include distributing, collecting, organizing, copying, documenting and filing music.
  • Librarian must communicate to the Band Director the sheet music needs of the band.
  • Must be assigned as a student assistant in addition to a regular band class.

Librarians-Restoration (1-2)

· In charge of restoring order to all pieces not currently in use.

· Duties include organizing, score ordering, attaining missing parts, cataloguing and filing music.

· Must be assigned as a student assistant in addition to a regular band class.

Historian (1-2)

· In charge of documenting (taking pictures and video) of every band event for the entire year.

· Prepares a photo video for the Band Banquet.

· Create a digital archive of all band historical documents for the current year and previous years.

I am responsible for my behavior and the results of

that behavior.

I am responsible for what I become in life.

Life does not accept excuses.

I will not let my need to be accepted by others keep

me from doing what is right.

I am somebody.

Losers let it happen, winners make it happen.

Therefore, when faced with a mountain,

I will not quit.

I will keep on striving until I climb over, find a

pass through, tunnel underneath, or simply stay and

turn the mountain into a gold mine…

I will do my best. I know I can. I am a winner.

I am somebody.

I am an integral part of the

Key West High School Band.

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Band Week of March 8-13th

Good afternoon,

*Band Photos are during class time on Wednesday, March 10th. “B” students will need to come to campus for this photo, there are no makeups. We will take a group photo and individual photos with instruments wearing your RED band shirt, any school appropriate pants/shorts. These are yearbook photos, Herff Jones is also doing individual photos which can be ordered here:

Solo Music Performance Assessment this week:

*All Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and Percussion students will be recording and uploading their solo to MPA Online by Wednesday night (March 10th). Each student is required to do this for a performance grade, it is the only performance of this 9 weeks and is what we have primarily focused on in class since the beginning of January. Please let me know if any help is needed, all students have all directions on how to do this and have been coached through each step, please see Google Classroom and the PDF emailed directly to your student. In addition, they each have a scheduled virtual meet (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) with the adjudicator to listen to their solo along with them, they will also need their instrument as they will also give a short lesson-Do not be late as these are automatically timed meetings and cannot start late. They may do this virtual meeting from home or at school, the band room will be open the entire time until 9:30pm March 11/12, and 8am-4pm Saturday, March 13th. The ratings and comment sheets are available after the event, directions on the PDF. Please ask your child about this process to help ensure success. (Colorguard and a few wind ensemble students completed theirs two weeks ago).

More info, including adjudication sheet, Master Schedule of all adjudication times, tips/script for recording:

Thank you for your help!

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Solo & Ensemble Info


I hope that everyone has a wonderful break! Congrats again on a wonderful holiday concert. Our efforts now in class will be directed toward individual musicianship through preparation of solos for our Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessments. We will have outside of the school day help sessions, however, full band after school rehearsals will be scheduled for later this year.

***Solo & Ensemble will occur on 2 weekends this year: Feb. 26-27 for those who want to qualify for state and March 11,12, and 13 for all other students.

· This is an exceptional opportunity to grow as a musician and show off your talent on your instrument in a small ensemble setting or with a solo with piano accompaniment. The musical growth gained by preparing a solo at a high level can advance a student 1-2 years in terms of ability level in a matter of two months.

· Solo and Ensemble is a Florida Bandmasters Association music assessment event held at KWHS that is adjudicated by an individual FBA judge. *2021: 100% virtual. Students will video their solo for submission during the week leading up to the event then will watch their performance with their judge during their scheduled performance time.

· Preparation of a Solo is required for all students in all performing band classes.

· Music must be selected off of the FBA Solo & Ensemble list, click this link:

· Students must play a grade 3 or higher and brass/woodwind/mallet solos must be on Smart Music:

· NO, you may not play a piece of music that you have played before for S&E another year.

· Grade 5 or higher+ those choosing to play a piece not on Smart Music must consult with Mr. Hernandez. Music should be ordered now to begin working on it in the next three weeks. Some sheet music vendors: & Make sure that the composer/arranger/edition/publisher* are the same as the one on the FBA list before you complete your order. If your piece is “backordered”, cancel the order and find another piece or go to another vendor (company) that has it “in stock”. Do not sign up to play a piece of music that you do not have in your hands, every year we have a few students fail because of this, there are hundreds of options. The band program owns several solos for each instrument; however, they may not be complete and you should make sure that we also have the piano part. This band owned music is setup in the room like a book fair, please put it back in the same correct place after you make a copy, do not take the original.

· Requirement: Please NUMBER all measures and parts of YOUR MUSIC, this ORIGINAL is to be given/scanned to the adjudicator to read from and verifies that the piece is owned by you or the band for Copyright purposes.

· The grading system (difficulty level of each piece) is from 1-7, high school students must play a level 3 or higher.

· 9th-10th graders should be at a level 3, 11th-12th 4 or higher. If you wish to advance to the state level you must receive a superior rating at district while playing a 5 or higher. It is not recommended that you play anything higher than a 5 unless you are taking private lessons on your instrument. Students may play in both a solo and ensemble entry but should not do more than two.

· No ensemble will be approved without auditioning first for Mr. Hernandez. If the group fails to pass this audition, you will have to play a solo as required.

· Students will receive a medal signifying their accomplishment if they receive a superior rating.

· Most solos require a piano accompaniment. Students may use SmartMusic (a computer program) or use one of the band provided accompanists. You will need to check to see if your piece of music is in SmartMusic before purchasing/committing to it. You can check this by logging into the ClearTouch in the band office.

· You will need to register your solo by January 13th with Mr. Hernandez. There is a fee to be judged and the band program covers this as long as you attend the event etc. If you do not select a solo by this date, one will be assigned to you.

· You will need to let Mr. Hernandez know the piece title, accompanist (only if you are not using the school provided accompanist or SmartMusic) by completing this Google Form:

Thank you,

Gary Hernandez

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Band Info this week + Concert

Season’s Greetings,

We continue to have many successful firsts with regard to successful rehearsals! Please see the info below concerning this and next week’s rehearsal and concert performance:

· *Early Release Thursday, December 10th Rehearsal for all band members 11:45am. Mass concert band at 11:45am-12:30pm, please setup before this time now that we know how setup will look. Percussion ensemble will play as soon as the mass concert band rehearsal has finished. Jazz band will setup and play at c. 12:30pm as well, bring all equipment outside with you and setup before 11:45am for everything. Please rack your chair at the end of this rehearsal.

Week of December 14:

· · Thursday, December 17th, Combined Winter/Holiday Concert *6:00pm in KWHS courtyard.

o Rehearsal: at 2:45pm-3:15pm, back in seats by 5:45pm. Percussion ensemble run-through at 3:15pm followed by Jazz band warm-up and run through. Jazz band will start playing at 5:30pm as a pre-concert. We will provide pizza for students who will need to remain on campus between the rehearsal and the performance. All students will need to be back in their seats by 5:45pm at the latest, Jazz Band 5:20pm.

o Uniform: At a minimum, students will need to wear their red band shirt and may wear festive clothing/decorations in addition like we normally would for the Holiday Parade.

o Audience members: limited to parents/families- Bring your own seating such as a folding camping chairs (preferred), however, there will be metal chairs available along with any bench/table seating available on campus. We have 1.6 acres of room in the courtyard available for seating, please use the painted conch shells to determine what 6’ looks like maintaining this the entire evening. People are even welcome to also sit upstairs, you will be able to hear the performances from any part of campus even behind the band, spread out. All entrances/exits will be open, please also use the ones by the gym, parking there, and by the auditorium to enter and exit. The concert program will be digitally posted at along with links via QR codes at entrances. Masks are required to be worn at all times.

Looking forward to it!

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Update on Events

Good afternoon,

Please note the changes below:

· Jazz Band Rehearsal Canceled for Nov. 19. Add Jazz Rehearsal on Tuesday, December 1st at 2:45-4:15pm.

· (Added as of last week) Colorguard after school rehearsal, Thursday Nov. 19, 2:45-3:30pm.

· Canceled: Drum Line Sunset Key Performance. Event organizers canceled this as of this afternoon.

· Canceled (again): City Holiday Parade. The City of Key West has canceled this event as of last night.

Always review our calendar for up-to-date info:

· Band Calendar:

· All students have sheet music/choreography to work on and reference recordings in their Google Classroom. Plenty to do over the break, we only have 8 class days before the concert…

· Look for a survey coming concerning band shoe orders. Returning members, find yours now and be sure that they fit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Game November 13+

Good evening,

A very interesting day without internet along with a challenging schedule this week. Please see the info below concerning the game tomorrow and other upcoming events with some changes:

This week:

· Friday, November 13th, Home Playoff Football Game: *Starts later at 7:30pm, students will need to report to the stadium and be ready to play by 7:00pm.

o From the athletic director: Limited seating. Passes are not accepted for entry. Tickets are available for sale in the front office Friday for $6. Any remaining tickets will be sold at the gate.

Week of November 16:

· Thursday, November 19th, Jazz Band Rehearsal 2:45-4:15pm. Outdoors. (No marching rehearsal this day). Additional Jazz band after school rehearsal dates to follow.

· Saturday, November 21st, Drum Line @ Sunset Key, c. 5:00pm. Specific info TBD+ permission slip to follow.

Week of November 30 through December 5:

· Thursday, December 3rd, Marching & Concert Band Rehearsal added 2:45pm-4:15pm.

· Saturday, December 5th, City Holiday Parade: all marching band members. More info to come when the city figures out the logistics.

Week of December 7:

· *Early Release Thursday, December 10th Rehearsal for all band members 11:45am-1:00pm.

Week of December 14:

· Thursday, December 17th, Combined Winter/Holiday Concert *6:00pm in KWHS courtyard. Rehearsal at 2:45pm-3:15pm, in seats by 5:45pm. This event is a week later on the calendar, an hour earlier in the evening, one less concert date as we normally do two, and one hour shorter than what we normally do all while taking place outdoors. More info to come, likely “bring your own seating” for audience.

View all of the above on our Band Calendar.


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*October 30th Football Game Added

Good afternoon,

We had a successful afternoon with our first attempt at marching in preparation for our parade performance this coming Monday.

*At 8:30am this morning I was informed that there was a home football game being added tomorrow, October 30th. We confirmed with students at our after school rehearsal that enough were available to attend to play in support of the team. I want to stress how unprecedented this type of change of direction is from our normal planning and procedures as nearly everything we do is scheduled and prepared for many months in advanced. However, I told admin that we would poll our students for availability and would be there if enough could commit.

Friday, October 30th Football Game: Report between 6:00-6:15pm, ready to play by 6:30pm in the new chairs (we may have to set these up. Unloading the truck at 6:00pm, bring your water and wear your red shirt/grey shorts. We will serve Pizza again at this game, I’ll make a Remind group for approved volunteers to sign up.

Thank you,

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Band Info this Week +


Thank you all for a solid 2nd game performance. Things continue to go well for our program. Please see the info below for this week and next week:

· Thursday, Oct. 29th Marching Band Rehearsal 2:45pm-4:15pm: same as before, however, we will do a significant amount of marching practice in the parking lot this week. Always closed-toe shoes and bring your filled red water bottle and be prehydrated. You must have a LYRE for your music flip folder. *There is now a late bus available at 4:30pm, you will need a pass from Mr. Hernandez to be allowed to ride.

Next week November 2-6:

· Monday, November 2nd Homecoming Parade 5:30pm report time, step off at 6:00pm. Come PREHYDRATED, water will also be provided. We will need several parent volunteers to walk with us, please wear your red band related shirt/booster shirt. *Only approved volunteers will be given the link to sign up, see info below. We will need our truck driven to the stadium to pick up instruments as well, approved driver needed. Students/Parents, if possible, please leave your instrument case in your parent’s vehicle when you get dropped off at KWHS. Students will need to be picked up by their parents following the pep rally at the Stadium on Kennedy Drive around 7:15pm. Everyone, please complete this survey for transportation needed or not needed back to KWHS after the event at the stadium, there will be limited room on the Conch trains taking us back to KWHS:

· Regular Tuesday Percussion and Thursday Marching Band after school rehearsals. *Late bus available with pass.

· Football game November 6: we will continue with everything that was done last week including the pizza meal with the following changes:

o Arrive between 5:45-6:00pm, we will practice lining up on the filed for the homecoming halftime-if possible. Come well hydrated and bring your red water bottle, always closed-toe shoes.

o Volunteers: only those who are approved volunteers will receive an email/Remind text message for sign up to help with food.

o Review the first game’s email for further details:

· Future events:

o As of right now, the Veteran’s day parade is canceled.

o Fall Band Concert is Canceled.

o As of right now, but likely to change, the City Holiday Parade is still canceled. We should know by Nov. 4th City Commission meeting if it should be reinstated.

o Holiday Concert: we are planning an outdoor concert in the courtyard at school. We will need much help to make this a special event.

· Several Band forms will be sent home over the next week. Please sign and return these to the forms basket.

· Volunteers: I cannot stress the importance of having a large volunteer pool, please do the required steps ASAP. If you want to see the students in their formal band uniforms this year, we need the help along with many other tasks. We will have a Zoom meeting next week to plan the process which will be by student appointment outside of school hours, much needs to be setup in advance for this to be successful. Shoe orders require a minimum of two weeks to complete and fitting will take about the same amount of time given the constraints. Here is the link to the process that also has a list of currently approved volunteers, only select areas for Level I clearance:

Thank you,

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Band this Week ending in 10-23


We had a very successful performance at our first football game last Friday. See our Facebook and Instagram pages for photos. It was our program’s first performance in over 7 months. We will continue to add to what we can do safely.

· Regular rehearsals this week+ earlier report time Friday. Band Calendar:

· We need as many volunteers as possible to be approved for our volunteer pool, register now, it takes up to a week to be approved-a link to your status is also on this page:

· We need an individual to volunteer to function as our Uniform Coordinator. This involves coordinating other parent volunteers to help with fittings and management of aspects of band uniforms. Ideally, this would be someone who has time to dedicate both during the school day and after school hours to do all of the logistical work with our formal marching uniforms. We have systems in place, all needs to be done with an appreciation of and an eye for detail. Please email me if you are interested.

· Football game October 23rd: we will continue with everything that was done last week and add the following:

o Friday rehearsal at the stadium: arrive between 5:15-5:30pm, we will practice parade marching for the first time since there is nowhere currently on campus to do this safely. Come well hydrated and bring your red water bottle, always closed-toe shoes.

o All band members will stay through the whole game. We will add a provided pizza dinner to help with this. Look for another email/Remind text message seeking approved volunteers to help with preparing plates for students to eat socially distanced etc. Please let me know if you have any connections with restaurants that can also provide an individually packaged meal for future games, donated or discounted.

o Review last week’s email for further details:


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Band Info for this Week


This is a long email with a lot of information, please read all:

· Rehearsal 2:45-4:15pm on Thursday, Oct. 15 and Football Game Performance on Friday, Oct 16 (see below for more info). Always consult the Band Calendar for all required events/times.

· Season Football Ticket orders will be handed out after rehearsal on Thursday. “A” students may also pick these up after school on Wednesday. You may still purchase tickets through the Athletic office.

· Music stands: each student now has their own dedicated music stand for class. Your new Red Band shirt and grey shorts (new members) will be placed on these for pick up on Thursday to wear for Friday’s Game. You should have a lyre for your music for rehearsals/games/parades: Be mindful, they are instrument brand specific:

· Closed-toe shoes for all Marching activities along with comfortable loose fitting athletic type clothing. Always bring a well pre-hydrated body: see valuable hydration info & chart here:

· Red ½ Gallon water jugs are required for all marching band rehearsals and performances-label them with student’s name. Fill with cold water at home this year. Please let me know where you are finding these locally so that I may pass that info along to everyone, they have been found at all local corporate stores at some point in the past. Igloo and Coleman are commonly found and can be as little as $5-10 online. We are still not allowed to have school credit cards and must order everything by check so it presents challenges for buying items in bulk from most stores these days who do not take checks/POs, let me know of options you find.

· Volunteers: we will be allowed to start having volunteers help! Please visit this page for more information, there is a new district system and procedures:

· Grading: new grading categories for A/B schedule, see Focus Portal for all preloaded grades/events. *Students are required to be on Google Meet for class on their virtual days for a participation grade. Current admin directive does not allow us to mark students “Absent” for virtual days, if you see their band class has a “Tardy Excused” that means they did not attend the band class synchronous Google Meet that day-they will also lose a point for that day’s grade. Students should email or Remind message immediately if they have technical difficulties, Google Meet also provides a log of who attended and for how long for each Meet.

· Game Performance October 16th:

o Meet at Tommy Roberts Memorial Stadium on Kennedy Drive by 6:00pm. *NOT at Poinciana this year. Maintain 6’ distancing at all times.

o Wear your New dry-fit material RED Band Shirt and Grey Band issued shorts & closed-toe shoes, wear your mask. Bring your case with you to your seat. Be sure to have your music/lyre, no sharing.

o We will be seated on the visitors side facing the home stands, students will not interact with crowd at all. We will use baseball restrooms.

o Inclement weather: we will use the hallways of Poinciana if it is unsafe to be outdoors. Parents, be prepared to pick up there if the game should be canceled at some point for *weather issue-look for a Remind message.

o Eat something before you arrive, we will not have any food option/break at this game. Bring your water bottle and come pre-hydrated.

o Parents, be sure to join Remind by texting @helpband to 81010. You will get a message when we dismiss so you can pick up your student from the stadium. There are not specific times for ending of games/halftime.

o For the first game we will dismiss after halftime. This may change in the future if we can provide a safe food option.

o The first game is also “Senior Recognition Night”. Complete this form ASAP:

o At this time there will be no band run fundraisers at games.

Thank you!

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