Band info: Solo & Ensemble, Remind 101 text messages, and upcoming events.



A big thank you to everyone for a great first concert and

pulling off 8 performances in 16 days! Please visit the Band Calendar to be aware of upcoming

rehearsals and holiday parade/concert performances, All County Band Feb. 7-8

(Primarily Wind Ensemble), and solo and Ensemble Feb. 21.


KWHS Band is now subscribed to Remind 101 (Text messages) which sends one way text

messages to students/parents, please follow the directions later in this email

to receive these messages (i.e. Text Message: Buses are running late, arrive at

KWHS c. 4:00pm).


you haven’t watched Ohio State’s Hollywood marching band show yet, check it out:

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Holiday Parade on Saturday, Dec. 7th-Report by 6:15pm to the Bayview

Park basketball court: Students

will need to wear their red band shirt, band issued black shorts, white socks,

and appropriate closed toe shoes. If the weather is cold, please wear

another shirt or light sweater underneath

your band shirt. You may decorate yourself and your instrument within reason (you must still be

able to march and play at the same time). Step off is at 7:00pm, we will

likely be 1st or near the beginning of the parade this year. Please be on time with your instrument and

music as we will rehearse starting in the parade block right at 6:15pm. We will

need several trucks to transport instruments to Bayview and at the end of the

parade to bring them back to KWHS. The

band room will be open at 5:30 for 15 minutes to load, please be here to help

or make arrangements for your instrument.

Please sign up in Charms:


Combined Concert on both December 11th and 12th at


  • This is a combined concert with the Choir & Band

    programs. Concert attire and report time of 6:30pm. We are

    doing a mass concert band for a few pieces combining Wind Ensemble and

    Symphonic Band. The percussion ensemble, jazz band, and Colorguard

    will also perform. We will be accepting donations at the door for

    entry and will have concessions as well.

  • The

    band will be running the concession stand on Dec. 12th

    (Thursday), we will need baked goods and personnel for both of these

    evenings. The 11th will

    have 3-600 and 12th 6-900 people attending. More info to come next week.

*Solo & Ensemble on Saturday, February 21st (Prepare


  • This is an exceptional

    opportunity to grow as a musician and show off your talent on your

    instrument in a small ensemble setting or with a solo with piano

    accompaniment. The musical growth gained by preparing a solo at a

    high level can advance a student 1-2 years in terms of ability level in a

    matter of two months as compared to those who do not participate. WE

    HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GO FOR IT regardless of their perceived

    ability level!

  • All Colorguard students will be

    required to prepare a solo, music will be selected with Mr.

    Hernandez. This event is held the same day at Key West High School.

    This is in addition to the Winter Guard show (ensemble).

  • Solo and Ensemble is a Florida

    Bandmasters Association event at KWHS that is adjudicated by an individual

    FBA judge.

  • ALL students are encouraged to

    participate; it is required of juniors & seniors to receive honors

    credit (raises weighted GPA etc.).

    Away from the Lower Keys most middle school students have 2-3 years

    of experience participating in this event.

    All 9th-10th graders are absolutely

    encouraged to participate, selecting a grade 3 would be appropriate unless

    taking private lessons.

  • Music must be selected off of

    the FBA list located at

  • Music should be ordered now to begin

    working on it in the next two weeks. Sheet music vendors: & . Make

    sure that the composer/arranger/edition is the same as the one on the FBA

    list before you complete your order. Please NUMBER all measures and parts

    of YOUR MUSIC.

  • The band program owns a few

    solos for each instrument, however, they may not be complete.

  • The grading system (difficulty

    level of each piece) is from 1-7,high school students must play a level 3

    or higher.

  • 9th-10th graders should be at a

    level 3, 11th-12th 4 or higher. If you wish to advance to the state

    level you must receive a superior rating at district while playing a 5 or

    higher. It is not recommended that you play anything higher than a 5

    unless you are taking private lessons on your instrument. Students

    may play in both a solo and ensemble entry but should not do more than


  • Students will receive a medal

    signifying their accomplishment if they receive a superior rating.

  • Most solos require a piano

    accompaniment. Students may use SmartMusic (a computer program) for

    this or hire an accompanist. You will need to check to see if your

    piece of music is in SmartMusic before purchasing/committing to it.

    Go to

    . Students will not be registered

    unless their music is in SmartMusic or they have proof that they have

    hired an accompanist.

  • You will need to sign up by

    December 17th with Mr. Hernandez. There is a fee to be

    judged and the band program covers this as long as you attend the event


  • You will need to let Mr.

    Hernandez know the piece title, accompanist, and other persons in the


Band – Remind 101



Remind101 is a one-way text

messaging. With Remind101, all personal information remains completely

confidential. Teachers will never see your phone number, nor will you ever see


Text the code next corresponding to

the class or group below to this number: 407-278-4768

Jazz Band: @conchjazz

Percussion: @perc2

Wind Ensemble: @wind3

Symphonic Band: @sym4

Colorguard: @colorg6

Officers: @goconchs

Band Parents: @helpband


Gary Hernandez

Band Calendar

Possible Jazz Band Gig Dec. 8th

Good afternoon,

We have been asked to perform for the Women’s Club open house on Dec. 8th c. 6:00pm. Please let me know if you are not available. A few members will be at their respective honor band, however, we should have enough players to play the gig. They are offering a nice donation as well.

Our mini trip to Marathon will be TBD for now.


Gary Hernandez

Concert Thursday 11-14 and Symphony Tickets 11-15

Good afternoon,


job with the Veteran’s Day parade, great presence for the band and KWHS! Please see the info below:

*Fall Concert 11-14-13 at 7:00pm,

donations accepted at the door. Please

be in full concert attire by 6:30pm, Colorguard in their marching uniform. We run a concession for each concert, please

bring in baked goods wrapped in $1 amounts by 6:30pm. Volunteer needs:


Tickets to the South Florida Symphony concert this Friday for music students,

11-15 at 8:00pm. Please put your name on

this list by tomorrow (11-14) at 1:00pm:


Gary Hernandez

Band Calendar

Veteran’s Day Parade & Other info

Good afternoon,

A big thank you to all of the parents who helped with our

Homecoming Game fundraisers, we profited c. $1,500 from your efforts!

Please see the info below:

*The band room will be

open from 2:00-2:45pm on Veteran’s Day, 11-11-13, for any Sousaphones to pick up their

instruments. All students must be responsible for their own instrument

for parades; we will not have a truck.

*Please be ready to

march no later than 3:30pm at the First State Bank 1201 Simonton St. Wear your red band shirt and BAND ISSUED black shorts. If your shorts do not

resemble the band issued shorts you will not march in this parade, if your band

shirt is faded well beyond anything that can be considered RED, please come buy

a new one at 2:00pm. Shirts that have been cut or altered will not be acceptable.

The parade may end at Eaton, Greene, or Front St. For the past 4

years it has been inconsistent with pre-parade information.

*The band room will be

open approximately 1/2 an hour after the end of the band’s portion of the

parade for 1/2 an hour.

*Please be sure to have

all parts of your concert attire ready, accounted for and hemmed.

Gentlemen need to have black dress socks that are at least ankle length.

Parents, please help ensure that your child is prepared, you would be

surprised by what few show up with-or maybe not.

Thank you!

Gary Hernandez

Homecoming, Veteran’s Day, Rehearsals, & Concert

Good Morning,

The band looked and sounded great at our

Homecoming Parade on Monday of this week! Please see the info below concerning all of the upcoming band events in

the next two weeks, we are also running the concession stand at the game

tomorrow and still need help. This fundraiser has produced as much

as $2,000 in the past; the bill for our buses came in yesterday at $6,000.

*Thursday, 11-7:

Marching Rehearsal 3:00-5:00pm. Objectives: review pregame, learn parade

block formation with around the field run-through Veteran’s day parade,

rehearse homecoming block and Homecoming music, Lady in White, and Veteran’s

day parade music National Emblem March.

*Friday 11-8: Pep

Rally during school. Please wear your

red band shirt to school. Bring your ear


*Friday 11-8:

Homecoming Game: show shirt, regular game 6:30pm dressed time.*Lots

of volunteer help needed this week, over 20 slots unfilled as of this

email. We get the concession stand for

this game as a major fundraiser. We also

sell baked goods made by parents at all band run concessions, please prepare

baked goods for sale individually wrapped in $1 amounts:

*Saturday 11-9: Drum line performance at FKCC report by 10:50am, perform at

11:15am, red band shirt, black band shorts.

*Monday 11-11: Veteran’s Day Parade.

Marching Band members report to First State bank downtown (Simonton)

1201 Simonton St. by 3:30pm, red band shirts and band issued black shorts- parents please be sure that your child has

the correct uniform parts. Volunteer needs, trucks needed for help with


*Tuesday 11-12: Full band rehersal

3-5pm. Objectives: stage marching band indoors with Colorguard, rehearse

concert pieces with percussion for Symphonic band & Wind Ensemble.

*Thursday 11-14: Band Concert at 7:00pm,

call time is 6:30pm for all members in uniform. All instrumentalists wear

concert attire, including jazz band. Colorguard in marching uniforms.

*Saturday 11-16: Drum Line Performance for

SmartRide, time 2:00pm.

*Wednesday 11-20: Possible Jazz Band trip to Marathon.1:00pm-6:00pm.

Gary Hernandez

Band Calendar