Football Game & Falcon Sound Competition+++


New marching band uniforms are here! We will continue fitting students this upcoming week and will premiere the uniforms at Friday, Oct. 4th’s Football Game! Very excited for this as it has been 11 years in the making (19 seasons for the old ones)!

Be aware that there are lots of upcoming events including three back to back trips, please see the info below and be reminded that you can always reference this info later on at our blog:

Parents, all volunteer needs have been added to Charms through December 2019, be sure of the event/date that you are signing up for.

*Daily Volunteer needs (we always need help!) just be cleared through and check in through the front office. Here is a list of needs/directions that will be updated once things are completed (not charms):

Marching Rehearsals

*Now 2:45-5:00pm every Tuesday and Thursday through October 17th for all Marching Band Members.

*Colorguard outdoor rehearsals added 2:30-3:30pm every Wednesday for the rest of the school year. Be sure to have your water bottle etc.

Friday, Oct. 4th

*Home Football game: Report to the Poinciana elementary cafeteria by 5:45pm, attendance (inspection) taken at 6:00pm in full uniform. All Band Members will wear their PINK Show Shirt, Grey shorts and BLACK marching shoes with LONG BLACK socks (exception: Colorguard wear your black dance shoes + formal uniforms). Please bring your band bag and your red water bottle which you will use in the stands. Have all of your music and your functioning instrument. NO EATING in the New Uniforms or in the Stands, this includes beverages other than Water, students will now remove their jackets after halftime for their break. Parents, please be aware that there is no set time for football games to end and transportation should be coordinated through cell/text messaging upon the conclusion of the game-this gives you about 30min lead time on pick up after students change cloths and pack up. The start time for this is 7:00pm and the band performs the National Anthem/Pregame at around 6:45pm. Parents, we need many volunteers for every game. Our volunteer needs are posted on Charms (database that helps us organize everything), please sign up via this link (changes each game): Be sure to complete your Volunteer Application with the district annually at: Each event will have a sign up via a hyperlink, this week’s game:

Saturday, Oct. 5th

*Falcon Sound Competition trip, see itinerary here:

Friday, Oct. 11th

*Home Football Game: Middle School Night

*3:00pm-5:30pm. Everyone Rehearsing at the Stadium, pizza to follow then go over to POI to dress. Volunteers Needed:

Saturday, Oct. 12th Through Sunday Oct. 13

*Competition in Ft. Myers, Itinerary to come soon, departing\ 7:30am, possible overnight trip pending hotel contract. Chaperones/truck driver needed:\

Monday, Oct. 14th

*Full Band Program Tag Day 8:30am-7:00pm. ***Chaperones are crutial to being able to do\ this (potential $6,000+), students and parents sign up for 1.5 hour slots here: 

Saturday, Oct. 19th

*Marching Band Music Performance Assessment (day trip). Itinerary TBD, leaving late morning,\ Chaperones & Truck Driver Needed:\

Tuesday, Oct. 22nd

*Mangia Mangia Fundraiser night, spread the word! Mangia Mangia Restaurant will donate\ 20% of the proceeds of the sales on Oct. 22nd, all that patrons have\ to do is mention the KWHS Band for us to receive this donation. See our Facebook\ page for the flyer. We should also distribute this at the upcoming football games.

Thursday, Oct. 24th

*Football Game: Senior Student/Parent Recognition Night, put your escort info in here:

Game Volunteers needed:


Sunday, Oct. 27th

*Children’s Day Fundraiser and Performances:

-Drumline Performance at 12:00pm, arrive by 11:30am wearing your red band shirt and grey shorts.

-Jazz Band Performance at 3:30pm, arrive by 3:00pm for setup wearing your red band shirt and grey shorts.

-Full band fundraiser: we are selling pork sandwiches, deep friend Oreos, soft drinks, popcorn, and Children’s Day T-shirts at our booth.  The band now owns 3 10’x20’ tents, we will need help setting these up, filling coolers with drinks/ice, serving food, making popcorn, selling shirts-Everything, 3 parents and 6 students per shift.  Parent and Student volunteers, Please sign-up here via Charms:


Monday, Oct. 28th

*Homecoming Parade: 5:30pm report time, step off at 6:00pm.  We will need several parents to walk with us, please wear your red band shirt/booster shirt.  We will need our short bus driven to the stadium to pick up instruments as well.



Friday, November 1st

*Homecoming Football Game & Band Concession Fundraiser: More info & Volunteer needs:


More info on Charms Volunteer page and all events on our Google Calendar linked below.


Thank you!


Gary Hernandez

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New Colorguard Wednesday Rehearsals until 3:30pm

We will be adding weekly Colorguard Rehearsals from class through 3:30pm. Please adjust your schedules to accommodate. Be prepared to be outside with your water bottle etc.

Thank you,
Gary Hernandez

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Marching Rehearsal Time Changes+

Congrats! We finally finished learning the show today. We now have 6 rehearsals before Marching Music Performance Assessment to raise the quality level of our performance to the Superior level on the rubric. We will be increasing our time per rehearsal by 1/2 an hour. They will start at 2:45pm and end at 5:00pm each Tuesday and Thursday. We will provide a snack after school before each of these rehearsals. Once MPA is over, we will release once we have achieved the objectives of the day for that rehearsal etc.

Please read below, you will truly understand or be reminded of this come next weekend after seeing what other bands do at the competition:

By Robert Stocklas

Why band … here’s why … grab your coffee and read this …

Let’s assume, for simple math, we have a moderate to above average-sized marching band of 100 wind players, 20 percussion, 20 color guard, and two drum majors. Now, while it seems fairly straight forward…just play your music and march to various spots on the field… here’s what REALLY is facing them.

In an average production of 2 minutes duration, there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 notes played per student (some parts will be less, some more). For each note played, the student must be responsible for:

Correct fingering of note

proper tone quality

proper pitch

correct beginning articulation

correct release/ending

correct duration/timing

balance to other players

blend with other players

appropriate volume

This means at least 9 responsibilities per note times 300 notes…understand that sometimes the student will not play during segments, so this is an average…2,700 responsibilities per student…times 100 players = 270,000 musical responsibilities for the wind section.

Percussion will have more notes in snare/mallet parts, perhaps fewer in bass drum and accessory parts, but on average, about the same number of musical concerns …substitute stick heights for pitch correctness, since it is not typical to tune drums as you go. This adds 2700 responsibilities…times 20 percussionists = 54,000 musical responsibilities for percussion.

Color Guard must be concerned with:


hand positions

equipment angles

speed of spins

height of tosses

direction of spins…not to mention holding on to or catching equipment

Number of counts roughly parallels musical notes, so assume 300 beats times 6 responsibilities, or 1800 items per guard member…times 20 members = 36,000 more things to do.

So far, we are up to 360,000 responsibilities, and we haven’t touched marching. With marching, there are at least the following considerations:


direction of facing

instrument position

staying in step

staying in form

size of step


style of movement (Toes up? Knees straight? Shoulders square?)

control of space between members

On average, there will be one step per beat of music, or approximately 240 steps. This means 240 times 9 responsibilities per member,…times 140 members …302,400 more things to think about.

The drum majors must be on top of:

tempo, beat pattern


communication of style/energy to band


or approximately 1200 items… times two majors…2400 more responsibilities.

Keeping up so far? We’re up to 664,800 things that have to be done correctly… AND WE’RE JUST TALKING ABOUT THE FIRST PRODUCTION OF THE SHOW!! Assume there are three segments in the average show, our grand total jumps to a staggering 1,994,400 responsibilities on the members for a single performance.

The next time you watch a marching band show, examine the level of expectation and delivery that occurs with each student. It is truly remarkable, and it will help you appreciate even more the feeling that comes from a well performed show. When they are done, stand up and cheer their efforts…they are truly at the top of the ‘responsibility pyramid’ when performing in marching band.

Why Band? That’s why …

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Key West High School Band
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Good afternoon,

The KWHS Band is who sells the Children’s Day T-shirts. So far we have only sold 30 shirts. Please share this link with anyone that would like a shirt, especially elementary parents who can then share this out to parent groups on social media. We deliver them to the elementary schools. PreSales will close on October 3rd.

Thank you!

Gary Hernandez

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:

Key West High School Band
2100 Flagler Avenue
Key West, FL 33040

Band Competition 10-5 Itinerary

Good afternoon,

Please see the information below concerning our day trip to Ft. Lauderdale/Pembroke Pines on Saturday, October 5th, for the Falcon Sound Invitational marching band competition. We can still take additional chaperones and need other equipment helpers:

Students/Parents, please read the expectations below:

*We will be making a lunch stop on the way with dinner at the stadium*.

**Wear your Band Issued grey band shorts & show shirt, arrive to load buses wearing this with your marching shoes on.**

*All Conchette/Football members are welcome to travel with us.

*Chaperones must ride the bus to chaperone students.

*Pack your official Red Band bag with all necessary items for a one day trip including your water bottle. No other luggage is allowed. Please bring a sweater or jacket if you get cold on the bus, no blankets allowed.

*If you will be traveling back from Flanagan HS with your parents (not riding the bus), I will need a signed letter or email from address on file saying so BEFORE we leave KWHS on Saturday. *Students must checkout with the director and I must see them leave with their parents.*

*If you plan on being picked up on Saturday morning at the Big Pine CVS or Sugarloaf Lodge, please indicate so on the bus list hanging on the band room wall by the end of practice on Thursday, October 3rd. Those being picked up at these locations must be on time for pick up; Additionally, please have a parent waiting to pick you up after a cell phone indicating our imminent arrival upon our return.

*Text message @exodus to 81010 to receive trip text messages.

*Use the restroom before departing all locations. Always start on empty!

*Respect your chaperones, bus drivers, and band director by keeping the noise level down.

*Do not bring or use any illegal substance or weapons while attending any school function or trip.

*2019 Falcon Sound Invitational – Security Update (click)


*Saturday, Oct. 5th trip to Pembroke Pines for the Falcon Sound Competition*

*Parents attending on their own: be advised that this marching band show usually sells out early in the day and parking is very limited.

Competition Performance Schedule (on the right)

Performance location:

Flanagan High School

12800 Taft Street

Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Please bring money for one meal.

Saturday 10-5

(Truck will be loaded the night before after the game)

8:00am Chaperone Meeting in the band room

8:00am Students arrive at KWHS

8:10am Students load Buses

8:15am Departure from KWHS by or before this time

8:35am pick up @Sugarloaf Lodge

8:50am pick up @ Big Pine CVS

c.12:00pm Lunch at service plaza

12:45pm depart for Flanagan HS

By 1:45pm Arrive at Flanagan High School-restrooms

2:00pm Change into uniforms and get instruments/equipment

2:30pm Warm-up

3:45pm Performance Time

4:00pm Change out of uniforms/pack truck-Watch bands and eat dinner

c.8:35pm Depart for KWHS-use restroom before leaving-no planned rest stops.

c.12:00am Big Pine drop at CVS

c.12:15am Sugarloaf Lodge drop

c.12:35am Arrive at KWHS

c. 12:35am UNLOAD Truck @ KWHS

From the Band Handbook:

Music groups tend to do quite a bit of travel in order to perform in unique and culturally enriching settings. The superb organization and behavioral expectations of these groups enables them to take such trips where other groups are unable. Travel, above all, is a privilege and not a right of any band student and program. Many factors play into the successful planning of any trip. Educational value, cost, and feasibility are the top factors in determining purpose and destination of any trip. Any travel to be taken by the band is at the sole discretion of the band director.

After a trip has been planned, these will be our rules and regulations on trips:

1. All Monroe County School Board rules, Key West High School rules, and Band rules are in effect on trips.

2. You must treat the driver and chaperones of your bus with courtesy and respect.

3. Bus Lists will be posted. Once you sign up, you may not change your seat.

4. You may not stand up while the bus is in motion.

5. While on the bus, you are expected to conduct conversations in a normal talking voice with the people immediately surrounding you. If your voice is loud enough to be heard above others, you are too loud.

6. Cheering and singing on the bus may be done only with the permission of the driver. The person in charge of your bus will check with the driver to determine whether or not cheering or singing will interfere with driving safety.

7. Chaperones on the bus are to be respected and obeyed. They have the same authority as a teacher and are the Band Director’s delegated adult in charge of safety.

8. Keep all hands and feet to yourself. NO BLANKETS ALLOWED. Bring a jacket if you think you will be cold.

9. Never leave valuables on the bus.

10. Music devices must have headphones. Music with profanity may not be broadcasted publicly.

11. Do not board the bus until you have been checked on by a chaperone.

12. All talking and noise must ceaseat railroad crossings.

13. Keep the bus clean; use the garbage bag for trash.

14. Students may ride home with parents or legal guardians at the conclusion of an activity if a note is presented to the Band Director prior to the day of the trip (home football games excluded). You will not be allowed to ride with anyone except your parent/guardian even with a note. The parent should personally appear to the director prior to the student’s release at the event.

15. Please make your parents aware of your return time to the school, use cell phones to call for your ride at least 20 minutes out.

16. Stay on the bus until you are dismissed by the director or chaperone.

17. Do not throw anything from the windows, yell out the windows, or put your hands or head out the windows. Upon arrival, close all windows.

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Key West High School Band
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Chaperones/Truck Driver Needed for Oct 5 Competition Trip

Good morning,

Please sign up in Charms to Chaperone/drive truck for our Oct. 5th Trip to the Falcon Sound Competition. This will be an up and back trip leaving Saturday morning returning late Saturday night, exact itinerary will be released soon when the performance schedule comes out. Please only sign up if you can commit, we cannot afford to have chaperones drop before the trip since Level II background check is required. Once you sign up, I will check your volunteer status and let you know what to do for Fingerprints, do not attempt to do this before I contact you. Everyone must start with a Level 1 check (links to the background check program on the page linked below).


Gary Hernandez

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:

Key West High School Band
2100 Flagler Avenue
Key West, FL 33040