Tag Day Today: Oct. 14

Thank you for signing up!

See the directions below. We have most slots filled, still need a few chaperones, click on this link to view and confirm your time/slot. If no one arrives for the next shift, bring the money to the band room at that time when you return your uniform. The loading dock side will be open all day. Uniforms in hallway, be careful with what you sit on/lean against in the new uniform-no eating/drinking as well-do not change in public, use the hallway etc.

***8:30am shift: Each location will need to pick up hats, you will not wear yours (all day).

*Check your time: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=4506543
*Also, I will be hosting a FBA meeting in the main band room from 5:45-7:00pm, so it will be closed during that time but the hallway will be open.

*Any emergency issues, use remind to message or call the band office 305-293-1549 ext. 54367 throughout the day.

*Will need help counting $ at the end around 7:30pm, email if you can help. Last shift bring $ to the band room etc.

*Publix locations***only stand at one entrance/exit, Searstown only stand on the landing between ramps***

EVENT: Tag Day Oct. 14 All Locations
TIME: 8:30 AM

Students & Chaperones please signup for at least one 1.5 hour long slot.

Please arrive on time and stay until the next shift arrives.

You will need to pick up and drop off your marching uniform from the band room (no hats). We will have several hats to use throughout the day at each location to collect $ in.

Money will be collected hourly by the fundraising chair from each location (as possible if we have a designated person to do so)

Always be courteous and thankful, you are always representing the band! Let people know that we also take credit card and hand them a “tag” with our website on it.

Chaperones will receive a Charms credit toward their student’s account. Students working more than their one shift will also receive a credit towards their Charms fundraising account.

Please enter your name, email address and phone to signup for one of the needs listed below. Contact information will be hidden once you sign-up – only your name will be visible to other volunteers.

DIRECT LINK: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=KyWstHSB&v=4506543

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